Never Make a Promise

Nikole Jaramillo,Jaramillo Nikole

Hayley Davidson was taken away from her father by her mother when she was five years old. He promised she would see him again, but she never did. Five years after that, she witnessed a horrible act committed by someone she trusted. Someone who promised to take care of her. At seventeen, she finds it hard to trust anyone anymore, which makes it hard for her to have a relationship. That is, until Damon Smith shows up. Damon is the average good looking, arrogant jerk who knows he can have any girl he wants and finds it annoying. But when Hayley doesnt budge, he finds himself falling for her. As he grows closer, Hayley finds herself falling for him too. But will she be able to push aside her past and trust him? And she realizes that hes keeping a secret himself. Can she figure out what it is?