News Reporting

Manukonda Rabindranath,T Shyam Swaroop

Reporting and Writing for the Media is a comprehensive and complete effort to document the theoretical and practical insights of the reporting process. The book is designed keeping in mind the students of Mass Communication and Journalism as well as practicing media professionals. The book provides guidelines for writing various types of news stories apart from discussing in detail the technicalities in writing other types of news stories like features, special stories, editorials etc. The book introduces various concepts related to the art of reporting in print, electronic media giving practical hints for the beginners. A separate section on various types of beats explains their nature, rules and regulations attached to them. The special section on latest trends in reporting deals with the topics on Citizens Journalism, Online Reporting etc. The book adopts a unique blend of a practical approach by dealing with various subjects on academic lines as well as the theoretical framework much needed for practicing the art of reporting. Reading this book is compulsory for all aspiring and practicing journalists.